Grow Up

 Lead          Dir. Alison Rich


 Lead          Dir. Vincent Amaya 

Americas Next Top Chola

The Loonies

UCB Comedy Original "Action Hero Cant Dive" 

 Lead          Dir. Stephanie Charles 

Co Star          Dir. Nic Michaels

 Grow Up 

GROW UP is a web series about four girl friends getting through life together.

GROW UP was co-created and written by Grasie Mercedes & Shannon Joy Rodgers. 

Starring Raiza Licea, Nancy Ma, Grasie Mercedes & Shannon Joy Rodgers
Directed by Alison Rich
Shot by Nathan Caywood, Erick Rodriguez, and Shannon Joy Rodgers 
Sound by Mason Hankins, Justin Arbabi, and Kyle Helf
Edited by Shannon Joy Rodgers 
With help from Laurie Magers, Stacy Rumaker, Igor Hiller, Cozi Orlen, Lara Zvirbulis, and Havana Mahoney

Year of production: 2016​

UCB Comedy Original "Craziest Rose Ceremony in Bachelor Hist

Say Cheese 

Alejandra's Dress

 Co Star          Dir. Nic Stanich 

 Lead         Dir. Yel De Leon 

 Lead         Dir. Amanda Irizarry 

Comedy Bang Bang

Co Star         Dir. Stoney Sharp


Co Star      Dir. Ted Marsden

Co Star         Dir. Christine Medrano


Slang Alert

Co Star         Dir. Mal Merpi

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